Visit Nick's Lake on Hartleylands For A 300lb Net

THE FISHING at Hartleylands has really taken off this year and if proof were needed than look no further than recent open results on the venues Nick’s Lake where nets over 300lb have been the highlight.

This prolific 38 pegged lake is ideal of those looking for a commercial style bag-up session. It is full of carp averaging around 4lb along with the odd bigger lump and more notably some huge barbel to 12lb. To have a chance at landing one of these stillwater beasts, use strong tackle and fish with cubes of meat in the margins, especially if you have an overhanging tree in your peg. This lake also contains some huge perch to 4lb and these can be caught on red maggot, fished on the deck, again in the margins. For the carp though, there are not many better baits here than the humble pellet. Fish it banded on the pole or pellet waggler, loose feeding plenty of 4-6mm pellets over the top for a bite a chuck action. For the bigger carp, it may be worth feeding a separate line on a top two or three with paste to add to help bump up your catch.

It is not just Nick’s where anglers are leaving with a smile. The venue’s Reservoir Pond, the oldest on the complex is also fishing really well this year. This is less of a bagging water and more of a carp crunching lake full of lumps. Fish to 25lb lurk in here and pleasure anglers often target the biggest fish by fishing on the surface with bread or dog biscuits or with bigger pellets fished on the deck. However, the majority of carp weigh around 8-10lb and match anglers fish for these with the pellet waggler, hair rigging 8mm pellets and feeding 6mm versions over the top, or by using the Method feeder. On a good day 35-40 carp weighing 10lb each can be landed on here. Roach sport can also be prolific and offer great cool weather sport, with nets exceeding 50lb from every swim on the lake.

TIP: When fishing on the Farm Reservoir Pond, try alternating your depth regularly during your session as fish are often found at varying depths.

Prices: £10 one rod, £12 for two, concessions £7 one rod, £9 for two
Contact: 01580 720319,
Location: Swattenden Lane, Hartley, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 3PS
Rules: Barbless only, no loop, paternoster or fixed rigs, fish over 4oz to be landed, no braid, no keepnets, no boilies