Two bites, two carp for over 50lb

Two bites in a matter of minutes resulted in commons of 21lb 12oz and 33lb 8oz for Duncan Arrandale.

The 39-year-old from Evesham was fishing an overnight session on the Carp Society’s Farriers Lake and targeted a hard spot surrounded by sparse weed at 45 yards range.
After baiting the feature with around 150 free offerings he cast Mistral i40 pop-ups over the top on hinged-stiff rigs constructed from Korda Mouthtrap and ACE Camo Core hooklinks along with size 6 Fox Arma Point SSSP hooks.

He said: “I was just having my second cup of tea of the morning when my right-hand-rod burst in to life resulting in the 33. I slipped it into the margins in the retainer sling and while I was setting up the camera, the left hand rod roared off with the 21lb’er.”