Two 6lb chub in two casts - from a kayak!

Roving by foot down a river bank is nothing new but Josh Fisher took the approach to another level when he banked a series of chub to 6lb 2oz from a Norfolk waterway from a kayak.

The keen all-rounder took to the small vessel in a bid to search a stretch of the local waterway that had previously been inaccessible to anglers.

Armed with minimal tackle he embarked on a short evening session using bright surface lures.

After making his journey upstream he spotted several large fish milling around between weedbeds close to a large fallen tree and a big chub took the artificial bait on his first cast.

“It was an explosive take and I was forced to pile on the pressure while trying to manoeuvre the kayak close to the bank. Everything went according to plan and a 6lb fish was soon in the net,” said Josh.

Another move further upstream paid dividends as the professional tattoo artist used his watercraft skills to spot another good fish taking insects off the surface.
“I knew that if I got the cast wrong it would almost certainly spell disaster but luckily I managed to land the lure in the perfect spot, leading to another bend in the rod.
“As soon as I hooked it I knew it was another big fish as I could feel its head shaking violently. Once it came to the surface my theory was proved right and the dial on the scales spun round to 6lb 2oz. I couldn’t believe it -two casts and a brace of 6lb-plus chub.”

With the predator season set to commence in the coming weeks, Josh has now set his sights on using his kayak even more to target uncaught specimens from unfished stretches. “I have landed countless big fish using this approach and I’m convinced I will have even more this winter once the pike and perch switch on.”