Two 30lb carp from Suffolk Water Park in one session

Dan Lancaster managed a new personal best during a week-long session that produced two 30-pounders.

The 36-year-old targeted a corner swim at Suffolk Water Park’s main lake and banked the fish known as ‘4.3’ at 36lb 12oz and an unknown mirror at 30lb 10oz.

Both fish came to marginal features, as the Ipswich handyman explained: “I fished a corner swim as I saw a few fish in there when I arrived. My spots were at very short range, about 30 yards out on two clear areas just off two sets of lily pads.”

Dan baited with a “couple of handfuls of pellets and boilies” around each hookbait, but had to wait two nights for the fish to arrive.

He said: “The 36-pounder was a very hectic fight, and it felt like a big weight. The other 30 weeded me up for about 10 minutes.

“I’ve fished here quite a bit but the 36lb 10oz fish is the best I’ve had from the lake and a new personal best.”