Top fisheries set to create more lakes

Two of the UK’s biggest commercial complexes have this week revealed plans to build new ‘pleasure angler only’ lakes after admitting they are turning day-ticket anglers away due to the sheer number of pegs booked for matches.

Neil Grantham, owner of Lindholme Lakes in Yorkshire, has announced he is working on three new waters to ‘readdress the balance of his fishery’.

“I’ve made the massive mistake of neglecting pleasure anglers,” he told Angling Times. “To turn them away because I’ve no pegs left is not right. Thankfully this will soon be a thing of the past.”

The biggest of the new waters, Benny’s Lake, will have space for 80 anglers and there will also be two separate 20 peg waters.

“Day-ticket anglers should be able to go fishing at the best fisheries in the UK every day of the week but there are too many that are booked up with matches. This isn’t going to happen at Lindholme anymore.”

Similar plans are also in place at Staffordshire’s Cudmore Fishery to ensure that pleasure anglers will always be guaranteed a swim.

Two new ‘canal style’ lakes are currently being dug to provide more pegs and the venue’s bosses admitted that it’s a ‘crying shame’ to turn pleasure anglers away when they’re booked up with competitions.

“We get very busy with matches, but it’s our aim never to be in the position to have to turn pleasure anglers away just because we can’t cater for their needs,” said Frank Clarke, angling co-ordinator at Cudmore Fishery.

“These two new waters will free up many pegs for the guys that just want to turn up for the day, which is how it should be.”