Top Quality Sport At Passies

You’re almost guaranteed good quality sport at Passies and even now that the first frosts are threatening, events are still won with over 100lb of carp, F1’s hybrids, bream and skimmers.

This scenic venue, nestled amongst the chalk hills of the South Downs has three lakes to choose from including the snake shaped Match Lake which is fishing excellently this year. This 68-peg lake is roughly six-acres in size and all of the swims have been spaced a minimum of 15m apart. It has been constructed so that it provides good sport all year round with a good head of common and mirror carp to 10lb, bream to 6lb, tench to 5lb, roach, chub and perch. It is 6ft at is deepest and the bottom of the lake has been shelved to enable both pole and waggler fishing as well as legering when the conditions require. From most pegs you can reach the far bank with a 14m pole, although the bigger carp have a habit from being caught along the near bank on worm, luncheon meat or sweetcorn.
Caster or maggot fished over to the far side usually works well for the carp and tench, whereas the bream can often be found in the deeper water in the middle of the lake and respond well to groundbaiting tactics. However, last week’s Avon Valley Winter League practice match saw Ian Dixon land 98lb of carp on pole fished meat.

For a more peaceful and relaxed experienced you can fish on the day ticket lake. This lake is about five acres in size with 50 pegs and has many features to fish to and has been designed to eliminate hot spots so that all anglers have an even chance of catching whichever peg they’re fishing from.
The lake is about 4ft deep near the bank, and there is a deeper channel which goes down to 9ft along the centre. It is well-stocked with mirror, common and ghost carp to over 20lb, tench to double figures, perch to 4lb, crucian carp, roach, rudd and chub. Because the lake is fairly shallow it is a popular waggler and pole fishery, and those wanting to fish at range tend to use either weighted floats or a feeder.
 Meanwhile, Pamela’s Lake is the newest water on the complex and is ideal for both beginners and experienced anglers alike. There are 21 pegs to fish from and it is mainly stocked with carp ranging from 1lb 8oz to 12lb which you can get bites from on even the toughest of days.


Prices: Adults £10 per day, concessions £6
Contact: 01273 465257,
Location: Passies Pond, Church Farm, Coombes, Lancing, West Sussex
Facilities: Toilets, tackle shop, cafe
Rules: No carp or fish over 1lb to be put in keepnets. No boilies, nuts or dried cat or dog food. Groundbait limited to 2kg and 1pt of hempseed. Barbless hooks only. No leger weights over 1oz.