Tommy Pickering books Maver Match This final spot

Maver Match This Qualifier
Oaks Lakes, Cedar, Ash, Sycamore & Beech Lakes (48 pegs)

A lower than expected turnout at this in-form fishery saw Preston Innovations man Tommy Pickering comfortably take top spot with 128-6-0.

Fishing on a venue he knows well, the England Feeder team boss and ex-World Champion drew Beech Lake peg 25 and with the comfort of an empty peg next door fished into a corner it wasn’t long after the starting whistle that he was into fish.

Tommy then caught carp to 3lb steadily all day on pellet fished shallow to see him into the grand final at Maver Larford Lakes later in the year.

Runner-up was venue expert Rob Minikin who was on Cedar Lake peg 6 and fished pellet at 14m over to the island putting 105-4-0 of carp to 5lb and small F1 hybrids on the scales.

Result: 1 T Pickering, Preston Innovations, 128-6-0; 2 R Minikin, Sonu Baits, 105-4-0; 3 J Hughes, Maver/Bag ‘Em Baits, 100-2-0; 4 L Thornton, Middy/Bag ‘Em Baits, 89-14-0; 5 A Scotthorne, Drennan/Sensas, 89-4-0; 6 J Allerton, Tri-Cast, 88-14-0.