Three giants in one session for 14-year-old

At the age of just 14, Ollie Jenkinson has achieved a feat many seasoned specimen anglers could only dream of – catching a brace of 3lb-plus perch and a chub over 7lb in a single session.

The Biggleswade, Bedfordshire-based schoolboy targeted a stretch of the Great Ouse where he’d seen a large chub in a set of snags a few weeks earlier armed with nothing more than a tub of lobworms and a simple light running leger rig.

After wading out to drop his hookbait close to the feature it didn’t take long for his tip to wrap round resulting in a 3lb 2oz perch. No sooner had he placed the fish in to his net and got a fresh worm in position he completed the impressive brace of stripeys with a second specimen of 3lb.

“My mate came down to do a few pictures and after we’d sat chatting for an hour he suggested that I have another cast,” he said. “I thought the two perch might have spooked anything else in the snags but had another chuck just in case. Once again I started getting taps on my rod tip almost straight away and then it slowly pulled round.

“The fight was amazing and I could see in the clear water that I was connected to a large chub which I knew was more than likely the one I’d seen in the snags.

Eventually I managed to get it in the net and at a new pb weight of 7lb 2oz it really was the icing on the cake of a true red letter session.”

Ollie fished a single worm on a Drennan Super Specialist Barbel hook tied directly to an 8lb Supplex mainline.

“I’d watch my mate struggle to get a bite when using a maggot feeder a few days earlier so I thought that a single hookbait might look a bit more natural and increase my chances of getting a bite.”