Three bests in one trip

SINCE opening as a day-ticket venue, Eric’s Willows Lake has provided numerous anglers with new personal bests - one of the lucky visitors being Blake Eastwood who actually broke his pb three times in one trip.

After doing a lap of the 25-acre water the local rod set up in a swim where he’d seen fish showing at around 140 yards range.

“I was fishing with my mate Anthony Roughley and we decided that we would fish as a team, using the same bait and similar tactics,” Blake said. “As the first evening approached the wind picked up and made the long cast almost impossible so we decided to move swims in the morning.”

Just after first light the pair upped sticks and settled in the swims near an island where they had seen a few fish moving.

“We both sprayed out a few kilos of Richworth S-Core 14mm and 18mm boilies along the channel and cast out three naked chod rigs over the top. It took all of five minutes before centre rod screamed off with my first pb of the session at 26lb 5oz. I then managed another upper-twenty before landing a cracking 36lb 10oz mirror.”

The duo tied their rigs with Gardner Chod Hooks and Korda Mouthtrap.