Thirteen fish banked in one session including 'The Sergeant' out at 39lb 3oz

Daniel Fellows braved the storms and was rewarded with one of his remaining target fish from the Richworth Linear Fisheries Unity syndicate – The Sergeant at 39lb 3oz.
The impressive mirror was the highlight of the 26-year-old Birmingham based rod’s 13 fish haul which included seven carp over the 25lb-barrier.

Arriving early on the Saturday morning, and with gale force winds forecast, Daniel headed to a sheltered area of the lake which allowed him to cast tight to an island where he seen fish showing close to an overhanging willow tree.

“I set up all three rods with chod rigs as I wanted to ensure my baits were presented effectively over all the leaves, branches and other debris that was likely to be on the lakebed,” he said. “The bank of the island is undercut so I cast within one foot of the island at 100 yards as that’s where the fish patrol. Getting the bait out with the throwing stick in the strong winds wasn’t easy but I eventually had a kilo of boilies on the spot.”

The first night of the trip produced three mirrors and over the next four days he continued to catch two or three fish a day by keeping the swim regularly topped up with 18mm boilies.

“On Thursday, things had gone quiet and the fish had stopped showing. My mate had brought me some more bait down so I set about putting another 2kg out before getting my head down for an afternoon nap. I was woken by a screaming receiver and could see my middle rod wrapped round. I struck into it and the fish started taking line even though I had the clutch set tight. At first I couldn’t do anything with the fish and just had to hold on. After 20 minutes or so I started to get the better of it, however, and when I looked down in the net I recognised The Sergeant.

“All my hard work had paid off - getting up early, continuously baiting up and fighting the winds. It was all worth it and I had something to show for it. What a season I have had. Catching Orange Spot at 39lb 12oz and the big common at 44lb 2oz earlier in the year, and now The Sergeant – one of the best looking carp I’ve ever seen - at 39lb 3oz. I'll certainly never forget 2013!”