The Fish Are Feeding At Barnburgh

The good thing about Barnburgh is that each lake offers anglers something different so whether you want to catch a net of carp or a nice mixed net of silverfish there is something here for everyone.

On Lake 1 (32 pegs) mixed nets to 160lb have been coming out this summer with carp, barbel and F1’s making up the bulk of the weights. The carp in here average around 2lb while the F1’s are slightly smaller. The barbel put up a good fight and can be caught as heavy as 6lb. These fish tend to hide in either the margins or across the far side to the island at 14m where they can be targeted using meat. The depth here is at its deepest down the track at around 6-7m where it is 5ft; it is here where anglers have been catching F1’s by feeding caster or pellet and fishing shallow with a banded 4-6mm pellet.

Lake 2 (23 pegs) is more natural in shape and has no island. This lake is unique in that it offers anglers the chance to target silverfish including bream, skimmers, barbel and roach or just for F1 carp. For silverfish you can catch a nice mixed net to 100lb by using just your top three or four kit on your pole and feed micro pellets using a softened 4mm over the top. You can also catch well on smaller baits such as maggot. For the F1’s you can fish shallow further out but some anglers like to try a small inline Method feeder with micro pellets and a bigger pellet on the hook and cast it to the shallow bar hidden out in the middle. The depth here is only around 1.5ft deep compared to 6ft elsewhere in the lake but can only be reached from pegs 9 and 10 or from pegs 13 to 16.

Finally there is Lake 3. This lake is heavily stocked with F1 carp to 3lb offering very easy fishing. This is a one a chuck action style water where nets well over 200lb are consistently recorded on a mixture of methods. It makes a good lake for a club match and has 35 pegs. Paste in the margins has been working well but with an island at around 14m many anglers also fish to this as well as the usual shallow tactics down the track like on Lake 1.

TIP: On Lake 1, don’t get caught in the mindset of just fishing shallow down the track, As the summer wears on the fish tend to shy away to the far bank here so feed a line across with pellets for barbel and F1’s.

Barnburgh Lakes

Prices: £5 a day, £4 concessions
Contact: 07752 528086,
Location: Ludwell Hill, Barnburgh, Doncaster, DN5 7EE
Rules: Barbless only, no boilies, no floating baits, groundbait in cup or feeder with 1kg maximum, no keepnets, no method feeders
Facilities: Toilets