Tenth UK Forty for Mark Munson

Navitas Apparel boss Mark Munson has caught his tenth UK forty in the shape of this 44lb 9oz common from a local syndicate lake.

The Essex-based rod targeted an area of thick weed and cast solid PVA bags filled with crushed boilies and Hinders Elips pellets over a small clear area at 50 yards range.

He said: “I’ve been really busy with work and not had much time for fishing recently. But with the weather looking so good I felt sure one of the bigg’uns was due out so squeezed in a few overnighters. The first night produced a 29lb 10oz common then I had a 30lb 12oz mirror before catching the forty just before I had to fly to China.”

Mark used snowman style hookbaits consisting of 18mm Exel Baits Mulberry Shellfish bottom baits tipped with 10mm CC Moore Northern Special pop-ups.