Target temped on return visit

Sean Leverett made a successful return to the Vinnetrow syndicate, landing the venue’s most sought after resident – this huge 51lb 15oz mirror - on his first session on the venue since early June.

Arriving for a two night session on the Chichester gravel pit the Essex-based Sticky consultant did a couple of laps of the water and eventually decided to head to a swim known as the Lawns where he had seen the majority of the activity.

After finding a couple of suitable areas out in the lake he cast out two simple bottom bait rigs baited with The Krill boilies and fed around 1.5 kilos of 16mm boilies along with a couple of kilos of mixed Bloodworm Extract and Krill pellets which had been coated in Krill Powder and then glugged in Cap Oil.

“The first bite came 24 hours in which turned out to be the Baby Lin at 27lb 8oz,” Sean told Angling Times. “Then in the early hours I had a belting take and after a lengthy battle I landed my target fish – the Half Lin at 51lb 15oz. To cap it off, a couple of hours later the same rod was away again resulting in a scaly 26lb 10oz mirror.

“The capture bought an end to my time on the water and I’m now going to be turning my attentions back to the Roach Pit.”