Target fish tops Suffolk Water Park haul

CHRIS Freeman ended a nine-year quest in emphatic fashion as he bagged his target 30 as part of a 16-fish haul.

The 41-year-old caught the mirror known as Magical at 35lb 4oz from Suffolk Water Park alongside a fish called 4.3 at 37lb 8oz and Single Scale at 30lb 11oz.

The impressive session also featured 11 20s to 29lb 4oz and three mid-doubles.
The Ipswich rod told Angling Times: “I fished Sunday night until Tuesday morning but the fish didn’t start coming until Monday afternoon and I had my last one at about 7am on Tuesday.

“I actually ran out of bait and I think the fish in front of me mopped up the last bit and moved on.”
Explaining how the session unfolded, Chris said: “I saw a couple of fish showing and with the weather improving, and the winds finally blowing a south-westerly, I set up in a shallower silty area where I thought they might be.

“To start with I put in about three or four kilos of the new Mainline Hybrid boilies that I’m testing and used about 6kg in total over the session.

“From Monday evening the fish just kept coming and I don’t think I got any sleep – I was just about able to lie down for about half an hour between fish.”

The vehicle technician targeted a silt patch at 50yrds and fished snowman rigs on Atomic Jel-E-Wyre hooklinks and a prototype Atomic hook.