Target 40lb carp from close in

A short evening session on a southern park lake saw James Kelly land his target fish from the venue at a weight of 41lb 6oz.

The London-based Gerry’s of Wimbledon employee had seen a few fish cruising up and down the shallow margins and after closely observing the exact route that they had been taking he waded out and carefully lowered a single Obsession Carp Baits Nut Mix boilie on to a spot which he thought the fish would be most likely to stop and feed on.
Shortly afterwards his alarm signalled a slow take and after a spirited scrap he landed a stunning low-twenty linear.

“As I knew there was obviously a few fish feeding in the area, I quickly tied on a fresh rig and hookbait and waded it back out to the same spot,” he told Angling Times. “Within an hour I received another slow take with my bobbin slowly tightening up to the rod. I lifted in the fish and a savage fight followed before I had the lakes most sought after resident, Single, in my net. Once weighed at 41lb 6oz it set a new personal best and was also my first English forty,” he added.