Surprise 6lb 14oz chub from carp lake

A carp fishing session on a Nottinghamshire syndicate water produced this surprise 6lb 14oz chub for Chad Critchley.

The 35-year-old local rod was fishing with Vortex Baits Hydro Shrimp and Shellfish boilies, cast tight to a reed bed in the margins of the lake where he hooked what he originally thought was a grass carp: “I had no idea what I had hooked in to at first. It put up a good fight and as there are a few grassies in the lake I thought one of them could be responsible.

“There is a brook which runs close to the lake so it may have come from there” he said.

Chad was used a hinged-stiff rig with a size 10 wide gape hook and also landed five carp to 15lb.