Surprise 2lb crucian for Paul Elt

This personal best 2lb 7oz crucian was the highlight of an unexpected haul of the species for Paul Elt.

The Cambridgeshire-based Drennan and Dynamite Baits backed all-rounder originally set out to target the roach in a mature large farmer’s irrigation reservoir and started the day fishing in an area of slightly deeper water on the end of a southerly breeze.

He said: “After catching a big crucian early on and being completely surprised at finding them I switched my attentions to them instead. I finished the day with eight fish over 2lb, including the new pb, as well as a rake of fish over 1lb 12oz. I can’t wait to have a proper campaign on the venue next spring now.”

Paul used red maggots over a bed of Frenzied Hemp on 3lb Drennan Supplex hooklinks and size 14 Specimen Plus hooks.