Stunning Colne Valley carp brace

Observation paid off for Wes Coggeshall as he landed this pretty brace of Colne Valley carp.

The Kent rod cast single pop-ups at showing fish after a change of swims during a 48-hour session and was rewarded with a 29lb 2oz mirror and a 27lb 4oz common.

“I arrived at a Colne Valley pit early on Friday for a 48-hour session,” said the Sticky consultant. “I had a good walk around, but didn't see any fish, and decided to fish a swim that looked over the main bulk of the lake so I could watch for showing fish.”

“I was up at first light the next morning watching the water. A cold wind had started blowing into my face and I thought it was time for a move. To the right of the swim there was an out-of-bounds area that had a couple of overgrown islands. As I walked past I could see that there were fish present so I went to the nearest swim to get a better look. Once in the swim a carp jumped right out next to the island and that was it, a move was in order. 

“I tied up two chod rigs with 12mm pineapple and n-butyric pop-ups and out they went.
“By the time I was putting the second bobbin on the first rod was away, with a 29lb 2oz mirror on the end.  The rod was put back out on the spot and at 11pm it was away again, this time with a 27.4 common.”