Stunning 40lb mirror carp from weedy swim

Thick weed growth failed to stop Terry Dempsey continue his scintillating form at Kent’s Wingham syndicate.

The once-reclusive carper, who only began talking about his captures with the recent publication of his Urban Myth book, has banked a string of large carp from the venue in recent months.

His latest success was this 40lb 12oz mirror, which was the result of a lot of hard work in a weed-choked swim.

Terry, who now runs Urban Baits, told Angling Times: “I caught the fish, which as you can see is an absolute peach, on a 48-hour session from a small hole in thick weed over 2kg of my Nutcracker bait.

“When I arrived in the swim the close-in weed was horrendous, so I spent the first afternoon of the session raking a channel to get my line lying nicely. I also lost two big fish in the weed during the session. One of them straightened my size six hook and the other was stuck fast in the weed before it came off.

“I caught the fish using 16lb Kryston Snide mainline and using my Century Fat Boy Slim rods.”