Stunning 35lb mirror from Cromwell Lake

CROMWELL Lake burst into life for Danny Oates who took this stunning 35lb mirror along with two other fish during a 24-hour session.

The 26-year-old Manchester rod found the Nottinghamshire venue fairly busy but managed to locate a group of fish and was rewarded with a trio of carp, including a 29lb 12oz mirror, in just over an hour.

Danny told Angling Times: “I was down for a 24-hour session and to tell you the truth it was all a bit quiet when I arrived.

“Nothing had been out for three weeks and I had a look around but there was no action. The lake was busy and there were only four pegs available.

“I went down to one end of the lake and tied on a zig and had a take while the PVA foam nugget was still attached. Unfortunately I didn’t land it and I didn’t have anything during the day as the fish were all in the upper layers.”

Danny switched to bottom baits overnight and cast to a far margin, over which he chucked three or four spods of chopped Mainline Cell boilies and coconut milk.

The following morning he was rewarded with the capture of the 35lb 4oz mirror, an 8lb common and the 29lb mirror, all within 75 minutes of each other.

“The first bite was a good take but the fight wasn’t great so I thought it was a small fish until I saw it surface in the middle. I initially thought it was a twenty but didn’t realise just how big it was until I got it in,” said labourer Danny.

His rigs comprised 3oz leads, eight-inch combi-links and size-eight Fox SSC hooks attached to Cell hookbaits.