Stunning 32lb 12oz mirror from tricky Cambridgeshire syndicate

Scott Grainger only received one bite during his latest session on a Cambridgeshire syndicate water – but he wasn’t complaining as it resulted in this stunning 32lb 12oz mirror.

The fish came on the final morning of the local engineer’s 48 hour stint on the tricky venue from a small gravel spot which he located 20 yards from the bank in an area of the lake where he’d seen a number of fish showing.

Despite fish showing in front of him it wasn’t until the final morning of the session when, out of the blue, his alarm burst in to life.

“The fish gave a decent account of itself and weeded me up on a couple of occasions,” the 34-year-old told Angling Times. “Each time I kept the pressure on and managed to get the fish moving again. As I drew it over the net I got a glimpse of a large scaly flank and on the bank once I got the fish out of the net I was blown away by it. Carp certainly don’t get much better looking,” he added.

Scott put his faith in Denham Baits The Element boilies and offered 16mm bottom baits over two kilos of free offerings. These were mounted on long supple hairs tied directly to the eye of an Owner C3 hook and a Sufix Heavy Skin hooklink.