Spike out at 39lb 14oz

An ultra short two inch hooklink led to the downfall of one the most sought after fish in Manor Farm Lake on the Richworth Linear complex – this 39lb 14oz mirror known as Spike.

Lancashire’s Andy Adams had made the long drive to the famous Oxfordshire fishery and dropped in to the only remaining free swim on the northern end of the lake where he’d seen a few fish showing at close range.

“I was just tying up a couple of solid bags when a good fished crashed out about 50yds in front of me,” said the 23-year-old workshop manager. “I had a couple of casts with a lead and once I’d got a decent drop I got everything clipped-up and put a bag on the spot.”

His rod had only been on the alarm for 10 minutes it signalled a screaming take. A spirited fight followed which concluded with a scaly 22lb mirror in the net.

“I’d only just returned the fish when the same rod was away again. A lengthy battle ensued and at one point the fish just buried its head in the silt and refused to move. I eventually got her moving and once in the net I recognised it as the old mirror known as Spike.”

Andy offered a Sticky Peach and Pepper wafter hookbait inside a solid PVA bag filled with crushed Krill boilies, 2mm and 3mm bloodworm pellets, L-Zero 30 glug and Krill liquid.

“The next 48 hours didn’t produce any action so I moved to St John’s Lake where I landed two more carp of 18lb and 20lb then a catfish of 65lb,” he added.