Single hookbait fools 43lb 8oz common

WAYNE Dunn ended 2012 on a high by bagging the big common known as Ellie from the Avenue.

The 43lb 8oz specimen fell at noon during a short session on the final day of the year at the Shropshire big-fish water.

Wayne, from Staffordshire, baited the swim the day before the trip with about two kilos of his homemade bait and then fished single hookbaits over the top.

The 46-year-old, who has previously banked a 50lb common from Acton Burnell, which is also part of the RH Fisheries portfolio of waters, said: “I was fishing at about 55 to 60 yards to a gap in the islands, which is a well-known spot. I had the fish on one of my own baits that I’ve started producing called Marine One.

“I’ve been baiting the water all winter and have had several other fish as I’ve been trickling the bait in.

“Not many fish come out during the night time so I base my sessions around daylight hours. It was a good take and the fish looked clean and leech-free on the mat — it had clearly been active.”

The fish, which was the only one of the session, took a bottom bait presented on a fluorocarbon hooklink connected to a 1.5oz lead.

Wayne added: “I had prebaited the swim the day before and was fairly confident turning up the following day and fishing single hookbaits over very little bait. Ellie is one of the biggest commons in the lake and although it’s not a new personal best it was a fantastic result and a great way to celebrate the new year a few hours early.”