Silverfish Keeping Up Anglers Spirits At Hampton Springs

Hampton Springs has experienced a bit of a resurgence this year thanks to some excellent silverfish sport which has provided the venue with a new attraction to local anglers.

Recently the management have been running a number of silverfish only matches and these have proven popular thanks to some huge nets over 30lb being recorded, made up of mainly roach and skimmers. The matches have been held over three lakes, Alice Springs, Rock Pool and Poplars, all of which have seen excellent catches now that the carp have somewhat switched off. The  lakes have plenty of features from marginal trees and plants to islands further out, all of which provide anglers with catching hotspots. If you cant reach them on the pole, fish a small maggot feeder, a method which has been used to good success in the matches, especially now the lakes are beginning to clear in the margins. Typically though, the pole is your best bet, fished in conjunction with a light pole rig and loose-fed caster or maggot. Try feeding two lines to maximise your chance of keeping fish coming every cast.

With seven lakes to choose from you are guaranteed a good days fishing at Hampton and if you cant resist the carp, try meadows pool which contains plenty averaging around 9lb along with some nice barbel.

Alices Springs: Silverfish nets to 40lb, carp nets to 50lb
Rock Pool: Silverfish nets to 30lb, carp nets to 50lb on the bomb and maggot
Poplars Pool: Carp averaging 5lb, silverfish nets to 40lb
Oasis: Smaller fish including silvers and barbel to 5lb and carp to 8lb
Meadows: Carp and barbel to 8lb in nets over 50lb,
Long Island: Carp to 15lb, tench to 4lb and chub. Try the Method or pellet feeder
Willows: A good head of carp to 5lb. Fish the pole to the islands
Folly: 3 acre specimen carp lake with fish to 26lb to be had. Try maggots in winter

TIP: In milder or warmer weather, try coming off the bottom when loose-feeding for roach

Prices: £7 for two rods
Contact: 01948 820789
Location: Hampton Springs, Shay Lane., Hampton Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 8AD
Facilities: Toilets
Rules: Fishery own pellets, no keepnets, no groundbait, no boilies