Scan your way to a day-ticket

An angling club from the midlands is attempting to revolutionise the way anglers buy day-tickets on the bank by using special barcodes which allow anglers to pay using their mobile phone.

The Lure Anglers Canal Club, who control of a large stretch of the Grand Union Canal at Leamington Spa, have decided to use QR codes printed on signs at the venue in order to make it easier for people to fish.

Club chairman and Angling Trust coordinator, John Cheyne said: “With over 12 miles of the Grand Union Canal to patrol we didn't think it was fair to ask our bailiffs to take money for day-tickets on the bank as it makes them a target for muggings. We were keen, however, to make it easy for guest anglers to fish legally and buy a permit so we started by making tickets available to purchase on our website and it seemed like a natural step for us to include QR codes on our fishery.”

**How does it work?**

Download a QR code reader app on your smartphone and then aim your camera at the QR code on the sign. This will take your straight to the part of the club’s website where you can buy a day-ticket. Payment is via Paypal so as long as you have a Paypal account or a credit or Debit card you just follow the on screen instructions and your day ticket can be emailed straight to your phone.
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