Roach hotspot produces 3lb 2oz specimen

WYN Jones proved why Lochnaw is one of the finest roach fisheries in the UK when his first ever trip to the venue produced a new personal best for the species of 3lb 2oz.

The fish was the highlight of a week’s session at the famous Scottish venue with three fellow members of the Tenchfishers, who also each banked specimens to over 3lb.

The Herts-based specialist fish simple maggot feeder rigs and used a Spomb to introduce hemp, corn, crushed boilies and maggots over the top.

“This is an incredible venue and is by no means easy. But for all of us to bank fish over 3lb is really mind blowing and is further proof that there aren’t any other venues that can touch this place,” said Wyn, who use 5lb hooklinks and size 18 hooks baited with two maggots.