Revolutionary new glug from Nash Bait

THE team at NashBait has come up with a revolutionary new concept in bait dips known as Magma Glugs.

They comprise of a unique two-part system whereby you firstly dip your bait in the adhesive liquid and then immerse it in the powdered attractor to dramatically boost the appeal of your hookbait.

The two compartment tubs contain a PVA friendly Magma liquid in the top and a dry powdered attractant in the bottom. Once you have glazed your hook bait with the Magma liquid simply roll it in the powdered attractor to give your bait a new dimension. The Magma liquids and the powdered attractors are tried and tested fish feeding triggers that will actively disperse throughout the water column offering huge instant attraction in the vicinity.

The uses for Magma Glugs are endless, but the big edge they provide over other bait glugs is the fact that the natural powdered attractors are very water-soluble, and are at their most effective in this form - far more so than you could ever achieve with plain boilie or paste baits.

There are four different flavour combinations available in the range and they will be in the shops by the end of the month for a price of £8.99.
This is the one to give your baits a spicy kick. The hot chilli Magma liquid is not only great for use with single hookbaits but it has also proved particularly effective when fished over small beds of particles.
The L030 is, by its very fishy and salty nature, a brilliant hookbait glug, and with the added adhesion in the Magma liquid the L030 will cling onto any type of hookbait - even when dipped straight into the pot. The powdered Green Lipped Mussel extract is regarded as one of the most potent fish attractors known to the angling world.

Now in Magma Glug form - NashBaits world-renowned Squid extract just got better. Squid is one of those attractors, which, used on its own, will provide a huge edge for any hookbait - carp literally home in on it!  Combined with Betaine, one of the most stimulatory attractors available, it looks set to be a winner.
If you’re a fan of artificial baits or tipping off your hookbaits with plastics then this combination is ideal. The sweetcorn Magma Glug is brilliant when used as a neat glug for plastic baits, and adding the hemp powder gives your bait a whole new texture and dimension. During trials we also discovered that this one was the most effective to fish with zig rigs or floaters, as hookbaits treated with the Magma Glug release tiny hemp particles into the water column to attract fish from above and below the hookbait.