Rare Cornish common caught by Chris Taylor

A 40lb Cornish common is a very rare thing indeed but here’s one of them in the arms of Chris Taylor.

The St Austell rod took the 40lb 8oz fish from a silty three-acre reservoir having targeted the venue after relocating from Manchester in December.

The fish, which was last out at 37lb 14oz in 2011, came at the end of a 20-night campaign that involved regular baiting with boilies based on the classic Rod Hutchinson flavours of Mulberry Florentine and Monster Crab.

Chris said: “I got to the lake at 7pm, got the rods out and sat through a proper storm. At midnight I had a jittery take on my right-hand rod and, after passing the rod under the other two to steer the fish away from the lilies, got what felt like a right chunk out in open water.

“After 10 minutes of the fish giving powerful runs and trying to bury herself into the silt I got her up on the surface and as soon as I saw her my legs buckled – it was the big girl!”

Being the only angler on the lake, Chris messaged some friends and Shaun Parkinson arrived at 5am to do the photos.

“I cannot describe the elation I felt packing up,” said Chris, “a 40lb common in Cornwall is virtually unheard of and like rocking-horse poo.”