Prebaiting brings 45lb 10oz common

A targeted baiting campaign paid off in style for Owen Fretwell as he singled out the biggest fish in his club water.

The Colchester rod targeted the big common in Braxted Back Lake on the Chelmsford AA ticket and came away with his first UK forty.

Owen’s initial efforts saw him manage three carp to 24lb and lots of tench at the Essex water, but after time away from the water he came back with a plan.
“After a few weeks’ break from the venue I heard that my target fish had been banked three times at over 40lb,” he said.

“This is when I decided that I had to start a campaign to catch it. Using Mainline Cell and new Hybrid in 18mm and 15mm sizes, I set about putting 10kg on a spot over three days, ensuring that the fish kept on coming back to the same area and getting used to it.

“After two evenings of catching nothing, I finally had a pick up on the third evening. A slow, steady, big-fish take occurred and as I lifted into the fish I knew exactly what was on the end. After a few failed attempts to bury itself in the weed, the fish finally slipped over the net cord and it was confirmed that it was indeed a fish called 'The Back Up Common'. At 45lb 10oz, It was a new personal best and also my first UK forty.”

Owen used a size 6 Korda Choddy hook and 20lb Korda N-Trap Soft attached to a 2oz lead on a clip.