Plastic bait fools 41lb mirror carp from Fryerning Fisheries

Plastic hookbaits proved to be the key to success for Mark Baker when he landed this 41lb 4oz mirror from the Main Lake at Fryerning Fisheries and ended a run of 15 blank nights.

With only two other anglers on the venue, the Essex-based rod headed to the point swim where a number of fish had been showing.

“The crayfish in the lake are a nightmare and can quickly destroy your baits. Previously I’ve wrapped my hookbaits in shrink tubing but I don’t have much confidence in this tactic as the baits look, and feel, awful,” he told Angling Times.
“I decided to give the new Korda Banoffee slow-sinking plastic dumbells a try as I thought they could be the solution I was looking for.”

Mark spent an hour spreading 2kg of 10mm and 16mm Mainline Baits Cell boilies over a wide area at 60yds range and cast three combi-rigs tied 25lb Kryston Snake Skin and size 8 Korda Wide Gape hooks.

“Later that night I received a slow and steady take on my left-hand-rod. Having rushed out of my bivvy in a hurry I had forgotten my head torch so had to net the fish in the moonlight – thankfully it went in on the first attempt.

“The fish known as Charlie fell just a few ounces short of my pb and is one of the oldest and most sought after fish in the lake. I feel blessed to have caught two of the A-Team fish within my first two months on the lake, previously banking The Chunk at 39lb 4oz.”