Peck does it again - another fifty for Darrell

Darrell Peck has banked the biggest fish in southern big-fish water, Rockford.

After banking his first fifty from the venue last November, Darrell set his sights on a fish that he’d photographed for Matt Jackson, Single Scale.

The huge mirror, which is one of the very biggest in the UK, slammed the scales to 57lb on that occasion, and many thought that it was on its way to 60lb.
Darrell had a short break during the worst of the winter weather, before resuming his quest for the big ’un, which finally succumbed to his long-range tactics last Thursday morning. The lake’s largest resident, which weighed 57lb 4oz, came as part of a six fish catch, which amazingly also included fish of 26lb, 26lb, 33lb, 38b, 40lb 4oz (a lake-record common). This means that Darrell has now caught a twenty, a thirty, a forty and a fifty in one session on two separate occasions from Rockford!
The six fish fell to Darrell’s hinged stiff rigs, fished at over 175 yards, onto clean ground where the fish have been holding up for some time. He baited heavily with Mainline’s Hybrid bait, which will be available later this year.