PB equalling perch taken on a glugged prawn

AFTER a tough couple of weeks with only four small perch to show for his efforts, Andy Loble matched his personal-best for the species with this 3lb 6oz specimen.

Fishing at Alderwood Ponds in East Sussex, the 32-year-old targeted the margins with a large prawn hookbait soaked in CC Moore’s Shrimp Extract and Krill Amino.

“I have been fishing here for quite some time now and getting used to the feeding patterns of the perch. I fed chopped worm, dead and live red maggots and chopped prawn which created a cloud in the water and attracted the fish in,” explained the For Life Experiences angling coach.

“I’m still holding out for a 4lb fish and I won’t give in until I catch one,” he added.

Andy used 6lb Ultima Steel mainline to a 4.4lb hooklink and a size 6 Drennan Specimen Barbel hook.