Overnighter thirties brace

A SHORT overnighter on Suffolk Water Park’s Big Lake saw Aiden Sharpe land a cracking brace of thirties with mirrors of 32lb 2oz and 31lb 4oz.

With most of the other anglers focusing their attentions on the deeper area of the venue, the 27-year-old brick layer decided to do the exact opposite and headed to the shallow end where he caught a thirty off the surface at the beginning of March.

He hadn’t been stood in the swim for long when he noticed a patch of fizzing about 30 yards from the bank.

“The area was quite weedy so I just scattered about 60 Pioneer Baits Cherry Bomber boilies around the area and cast a Chod rig baited with a CC Moore Northern Special pop-up over the top to ensure that I achieved a good presentation,” said Felixstowe-based Aiden.

“At 10.30pm that night I landed the 31lb 4oz mirror. I recast the rod and was getting liners throughout the night so at first light I recast it again. Less than 20 minutes later I had another take and the fish stripped over 100 yards of line off my reel and powered up the lake. I eventually coaxed it all the way back and on the bank I recognised it as a mirror known as Pop Rib.”

Aiden tied his Chod rigs with 25lb Korda Mouthtrap and size 6 Choddy hooks.