Overnight brace tops 81lb for Jerry Hammond

An overnight session on the North Met Pit in the Lea Valley produced a brace of carp for a combined weight of over 81lb for Jerry Hammond.

The Hertfordshire-based fishery owner and Trakker consultant set up on the most southern end of the tricky 65-acre lake on the end of a new northerly wind. He was beginning to doubt his location choice when the sight of 10 carp moving in and out of the area convinced him to stay put.

“They were moving around pretty fast and not really stopping, but I was sure if they stayed in the area they would feed after dark,” Jerry told Angling Times.

“During the night it chucked it down and just after dawn I received a fast take. The fish really did power off and caused me all sorts of problems but I eventually netted a big hefty mirror. It looked massive and weighed in at 43lb.

“Not really expecting any more action, I recast the rod and an hour later the same rod was off again. This one didn’t fight as hard thankfully and I soon had another good fish in the net. This time it was a common of 38lb 4oz that concluded a great night’s fishing.”

Jerry’s winning tactics consisted of a Mad Baits Wicked Whites pop-up on a chod rig fished over a scattering of a new bait on test called The Hybrid.