Ouse switch pays off

A change of swim proved fruitful for Derren Burr who landed this 6lb 7oz chub from the Great Ouse.

The 42-year-old manager of Browns Angling Centre in Haddenham arrived at section of the waterway just above Bedford at first light, but with only a couple of taps to show for his efforts by 10am he decided to move a few miles further upstream.

He said: “I settled on a bait and wait approach. And wait I did, as it was 3pm when my rod tip finally pulled round. I’ve only had limited time available to me so far this year and this was only my fourth trip to a running water venue.”

Derren fished a lobworm hookbait in conjunction with a small PVA bag of pellets on a 10lb Drennan hooklink and a size 6 Nash hook.