New rig is yet to blank

THIS stunning upper 20 fell to Mike Hamer on a new rig that has yet to blank in 2013.

The Woking rod tricked the 28lb 4oz mirror at Bean Lake on the Newdigate Farms Estate in Surrey during a short day session.

Mike used a combi rig with an Ace Camo Core hooklength attached to a stiff RigaMortis section at the hook end. Instead of being curved like a chod rig, the stiff material is bent into a right angle, and instead of a hair the bait is tied directly to the bend of the hook.

“It’s effectively a choddy but instead of the curve it’s set at right angle,” said Mike, who baited regularly with a fairly dry mix of Dynamite White Chocolate groundbait and the matching liquid attractant, and fished a White Chocolate boilie over the top.

“It was raining all morning and the lake doesn’t fish very well in the rain, but I kept feeding to try to concentrate the fish in the swim, and then just as the rain was easing off at about 11.30am I got the take. I instantly knew it was a distant fish because it hugged the bottom and didn’t surface for about five or 10 minutes.”

Mike fished just 10yrds out in a channel between two weed beds.