New personal-best after six years with 7lb 3oz chub

A six year wait for a new chub personal best came to a welcome end for Darran Goulder when he banked this 7lb 3oz chub from the River Lea.

Targeting the Fishers Green stretch of the Herts waterway, the Shimano backed all-rounder proved that the best things come to those who wait after banking the specimen from a swim he baited for three weeks before fishing it.

He said: “I was excited about fishing it, and was glad to see it was free when I arrived. I cast out a short bolt rig onto a gravel run and had the take soon after. I thought it would be a good ‘six’ but it beat my old pb – a fish I caught on the float six years ago - by an ounce.”

Darran beat his prize with a Dynamite Crave boilie on a size 9 Drennan Barbel hook and a 6ins ESP Two Tone hooklink.