New Year's Eve thirties brace

MICK Careless celebrated New Year’s Eve with a brace of thirties from Willow Lake on the Cambridgeshire Fenland Fisheries complex.

Fishing over a bed of hemp, pellets, maggots and CCB Red Berry boilies on a clear area which he had located, the local rod used a fluoro pop-up hookbait to tempt this 35lb common during the first evening of his session on the six-acre gravel pit.

The next morning he spotted a patch of fizzing in his swim caused by a feeding fish, and 20 minutes after casting a chod rig - again baited with a buoyant fluoro hookbait - towards the bubbles he received a take from a sparsely-scaled 34lb mirror.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it – two thirties in the depths of winter from a tricky water. I re-cast the rod and before I could even clip the bobbin on my alarm burst in to life once more, and this time, after a short and spirited scrap, I netted a 16lb common. What a way to end one year and start the next.”

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