Nash reveals new gear for 2014

One of the most eagerly anticipated trade shows of the year was held in Essex last week by big-carp specialist Nash.

Unlike in previous seasons, when Nash introduced a plethora of new equipment, this time around the company concentrated on its bigger ticket items such as bedchairs, bivvies, bite alarms and luggage, with the promise of many more smaller bits of kit to be revealed in January 2014.

That said, the early release of Optic bobbin heads with their accompanying drag weights, chains, and fibre optic light pipes that illuminate right into the heads when you get a run should have the carp technophiles among you rushing to get your orders in.

My guide for the tour around his latest ‘must have’ kit was the main man himself, Kevin Nash. As well as being one of the most respected carp anglers of all time, he has been creating, developing and refining top-of-the-range -tackle for more than 30 years, so who better to explain Nash’s new releases?

This huge capacity bivvy, that easily accommodates two people, has the height to allow you to stand up inside, which is ideal for anyone who struggles with the confines of a standard sized shelter.
Perfect for those French or longer stay sessions, it features a twin skin that completely eliminates damp and the annoying water drips it generates.
Price: £499.99 

Nash has given its best-selling carp cradle an extra third leg on each side of the frame, to offer extra support when very large fish are the occupants. Two new models – Monster and Globetrotter – have also been added to the range.
Prices: £84.99-£109.99

This lightweight Titan Globetrotter bivvy comes with full Mozzie mesh outer that is perfect for those balmy summer nights. It is also supplied with a second skin that fits snugly over the top and will keep out the worst of weathers. Constructed with the same block erection system as used on all Nash Titan bivvies, it is super-sturdy and also available as a two-man version.
Prices: £399.99-£499.99

Two new Deliverance throwing sticks are designed to handle 12mm, 15mm and 20mm boilies. Their featherweight frames should ease the strain of extensive baiting campaigns, and they come in distance and stealth lengths.
Price: £16.99

These baiting spoons include a handy slotted particle version that should do away with the need to add too much wetness to your spod mixes.
Although a fairly simple product, baiting spoons can help you to introduce large amounts of feed at close range without causing a great deal of disturbance. Bait boat owners will also find the smallest size ideal for loading-up their flotilla.
Price: £27.99

The irrepressible Nash Groundhog brolly, without doubt one of the most sought-after short session shelters on the market, has received a makeover for next year.
It now features a new colour and a quite superb lightweight frame with a reduced length pole stub inside to maximise head room. A groundsheet and winter skin can be purchased separately.
Price: £139.99 (brolly)
£119.99 (winter skin)    

Nash’s new top-of-the-range alarm has built-in snag ears and does not require hockey sticks when fitting bobbin chains or cords. The head has a velocity line-sensing movement with three settings, to eliminate random bleeps caused by strong winds or weed movement.
Other features include a built-in line guard, single press mute function, three tone settings, adjustable volume and a very clever breathing LED light.
The R3 receiver unit has an extreme range function and anti-theft alarm Available in blue, purple, red and clear.
Prices: Receiver £114.99, heads £94.44 each

The good looking, no-nonsense and extremely popular long battery life Siren S5 alarm has now been adapted for use with its own receiver.
Unfortunately, though, the new unit will not work with current S5 alarm heads. Available in four colours, the latest alarms have easily operated function knobs, and will be sold as set of three including a receiver unit for just £199.99.
Prices: £49.99 per alarm
£49.99 receiver unit

These fabulous looking and unfeasibly lightweight banksticks and buzz bars will not be available until next February. However, once they are in the shops, despite their high price, they are sure to be one of next year’s ‘must have’ carp products. Built using a special carbon and alloy process, they are super strong and have magnetic heads.
Prices: £34.99-£54.99

Bringing carp fishing into 2014 with a gadget-based bang is this new Nash Optic range of alarm fitments and bobbin heads. The full Optic series consists of cord, chains, drag-weights and bobbin heads, all matching up with the new alarm heads. They also feature a special fibre optic light pipe connector that illuminates itself and your bobbin when you get a run. A plug-in light pipe adaptor that fits all Delkim and Fox alarms is also available
Prices: £2.99-£12.99

In a no-frills build with high storage capacity, the larger of the two bags, the Rucksack, features an air frame with high-density foam shoulder straps that will not compress over time.
The smaller bag, the Scope Backpack, has an identical air frame that prevents it sticking to your back and making you sweat, as well as a removable and insulated bottom section that can be used to keep bait or food fresh.
Prices: Rucksack £87.99, Backpack £76.99 

Just what every carp angler wants for a present – a trendy new scarf and matching bobble hat. Definitely designed with a bit of Yuletide spirit, the warm woollen material will keep out the coldest of winter winds.
Price: £24.99 per set

The original Nash removable mattress and layered duvet system provides versatile comfort wherever you are fishing and whatever the weather.
The latest Air Frame bedchairs have reinforced lightweight frames without handwheels, and a flat-lay sleeping position in a choice of SS3, SS4, Wide Boy and Emperor.
Prices: £329.99-£459.99

This is sure to be among the best-selling carp luggage products of 2014. In a fully waterproof material, it has added length, allowing it to be used with a storm pole as an overhead shelter – a great summer idea.
Price: £54.99-£59.99