Mirror from the margins at Rockford

Having worked into darkness to spruce up one of his club waters, John Sudworth was rewarded with this 36lb 14oz mirror after deciding to fish the night.

The Ringwood and District AA committee member had been carrying out maintenance at Rockford Lake but finished late and decided to get his rods out for a quick overnighter.

The 41-year-old said: “It was dark by the time I finished working and I found a spot just behind a gravel patch right under the rod tips just deep enough to avoid the swans gobbling up my bait!

“At 1am I had a few bleeps and on lifting the rod I thought there was a fish on but couldn’t be sure as it was stuck solid in the weed.  I put the rod back on the rests to see if anything happened and waited, and waited. I had virtually given up hope but some six and a half hours later I received a few more bleeps and on picking up the rod this time I knew there was a fish on.  At this stage I had confidence that the size 8 Fox Arma hook would hold.”

John, who fished trimmed-down 20mm Cultured Carp Baits Fruits of the Sea boilies with a matching PVA stick mix, added: “Since acquiring the lake this year I have fallen in love with the place, hence the very long hours I work there for the benefit of our members.  I just hope that more and more people get to share the joys of this amazing carp water.”