Milestone River Po catfish is one of the biggest ever landed in Europe at 235lb

This is the awesome picture of one of Europe’s biggest ever catfish that weighed in at just over 235lb.

The specimen was landed by Peter Neubacher, who was guided by catfishing expert Stefan Seus of the famous Black Cat Guiding Tours during a session on Italy’s mighty River Po.

The colossal eight-foot predator took a bream hookbait at midnight and took over 40 minutes, plus all of the strength and skill of the duo, to finally get the better of the fish that’s estimated to be over 30-years of age.

“This monster literally took my breath away as I’ve never seen a fish like this up close,” said Stefan.

“We were both totally speechless and had to release the tension by letting out a huge whoop of delight as we’d defeated a big, and very old, warrior.

“This is without doubt one of the biggest cats landed in Europe and fish like this have accumulated so much experience over time that it is almost impossible to even hook one of these giants.”

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