Midnight arrival scores for 44lb 14oz mirror

EMBARKING on a fishing trip at midnight paid dividends for Trev Cooke with the capture of this stunning 44lb 14oz mirror.

The Hampshire rod arrived at CWA Fisheries’ Roach Pit in the dead of night and immediately spotted rolling fish close in.

After finally getting to bed at 3am, the 34-year-old was woken at first light by a screaming run from a 30lb 3oz mirror known as the Chunk.

“I was well pleased with that as it felt like pay back for the extra effort the previous night,” said Trev.

“With all the disturbance of the first fish I scattered 50 or so 14mm CC Moore Odyssey XXX freezer baits into the swim.

“Later that afternoon I was sitting there drinking tea and wondering if all the disturbance had ruined the area when I saw a very big black head appear in the same area as before.

“I over cast the XXX cork ball pop-up on a chod rig and skipped it back across the surface lowering it, quietly within the rings left by the show. Ten minutes later I had a bream-like bite which when I hit it turned into a ferocious 40-yard run.  All I could do is hold the rod and hope it stayed on.

“Fortunately, that’s all she had as after that I just wound her in and a huge prehistoric head popped up and Barbs was in the net – a, proper old female weighing 44lb 14oz in tip-top condition.”