Match star's fishery plan for silverfish heaven

A top England international has revealed plans to turn a commercial complex into one of the nation’s best fisheries after he signed a deal to buy the site.

Matrix-backed star Grant Albutt has built up a solid reputation on the match circuit and aims to use his vast knowledge of the sport to turn Shatterford Lakes into the country’s most prolific venue.

Blueprints have been drawn up to make big changes at the Worcestershire complex – which is home to carp to 42lb and catfish over 70lb - in a bid to take it to the next level.

One of the first objectives of the England feeder team member is to enhance the silverfish potential of several lakes by adding extra shoals of roach and bream, with a full stock assessment of the specimen waters set to be undertaken in the coming weeks.

“When I was given the opportunity to buy the fishery I just couldn’t turn it down. It’s a fantastic complex with so much potential and I want to push it to its limit and bring even more people here,” explained Grant.

“The café and the tackle shop are going to get a major revamp, while moving lots of silverfish from the big fish waters to lakes where they will be targeted will help provide even better catches,” he added.

Plans are also in place to offer professional coaching onsite, with Grant intending to use the facility to help pass on his skills. He told Angling Times: “I’ve worked hard to make a name of myself in this sport and I’ve always wanted to pass on what I know to others. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that and with so many waters onsite I’ll be able to teach people exactly what they want to know.”
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**Fishery factfile**
- Shatterford Lakes was first opened in 1972 and was also run as a country park.
- Five fishable lakes are onsite, catering for match, specimen and specimen anglers.
- A recent match was won with 84lb of silverfish – hopes are high that a 100lb-plus catch can be taken in the coming months.
- The fishery is well known for its specimen catfish which have been caught to 70lb.