Margin spot produces 49lb 8oz mirror

DAREN Norman’s impressive run of form on CWA Fisheries Roach Pit has continued with the capture of this stunning 49lb 8oz mirror.

The catch came just a couple of weeks after the 40-year-old papermaker landed a fish of 50lb 4oz from the Hampshire venue.

Arriving at 9pm the Kent-based Sticky consultant spent three hours walking round in the dark listening for fish showing. He eventually saw a big fish roll close in and cast out two single Krill boilies.

He said: “After an uneventful night I found a bar and baited with 3kg of boilies and put my third rod down the margin on a gravel spot along with 2kg of bait.

“During the night I caught six large tench and lost two off the bar. Then at 5.30am the margin rod hooped round and after a good fight I landed a gorgeous 49lb 8oz mirror.”

Daren used a 35lb Seaguar hooklink attached to a size 6 Korda Longshank X hook along with a 4oz flat pear lead.