Maggot and corn cocktail tempt Avenue forty

A HEAVY frost failed to deter this forty from feeding on a mixture of maggots and corn in Paul Viner’s swim at the Avenue.

The mirror, known as the Cream Fish, pulled the scales round to 40lb 7oz and provided its captor with a new UK personal best.

Paul was fishing a two-night session in tough conditions at Rob Hales’ lake in Shropshire.

“It was just above freezing, with an easterly wind, when I arrived and I hadn’t seen any fish,” said the 40-year-old Sutton Coldfield rod.

“But somebody told me on the phone the day before that they had seen fish rolling in that area.”

The tip-off proved invaluable and Paul baited at bar at 80 yards with six or seven Spombs brimmed with maggots, corn and pellets.

His rig featured a critically balanced maggot-and-corn cocktail on a size 6 Nash Fang hook tied to a Korda Hybrid Soft hooklinkl.

“I got the bite at about 8.10am, 24 hours in to a 48-hour session,” said Paul, “It was a fairly slow take but steady and I knew straight away it was a big lump once I’d lifted into it.”

He added: “It’s my first season on the Avenue and so far I’ve probably had about 15 fish, including some of the thirties, but this is my best so far.”