Maggot and boilie combo scores for massive winter hit

MARK Jenkinson had a winter session to remember at in-from Cromwell Lake with 11 fish to 39lb 4oz.

The Derby-based rod had three twenties and another thirty, at 34lb 1oz, in addition to the big mirror during a 72-hour stay.

The 41-year-old joint owner of Rhinobaits combined his firm’s Four Season Mix boilies with maggots to catch consistently - despite reeling in on one night to have a social with friends.

“To have an 11-fish hit in winter is a real red-letter day — it’s phenomenal,” said Mark.

He added: “I arrived at 3pm on Monday afternoon but we had 50mph winds so I couldn’t get any bait out until 12.30am when I Spombed out about a kilo of boilies and a gallon of maggots.

“I then topped up with about three Spombs of the mix each morning.

“All the bites were fairly gentle, with just a few beeps on the alarms, but a couple of the smaller commons were hooked just on the outside of the mouth so they were really getting down among the bait.

“The biggest mirror was a known fish called Hardy but I don’t think the 34 is known.”
Mark’s rigs featured size-nine ESP Raptor-Shanx hooks and 2.5oz leads, and were cast to a plateau at 45yds range.

“I haven’t fished Cromwell for about a year but it’s a lovely lake and really well run. I set myself a target at the start of last April to catch 10 thirties and two forties in the following 12 months. I’ve now managed 11 thirties and one forty so I just need one more.”

Mark’s tally was completed with commons of 13lb, 16lb, 14lb and another 13-pounder, plus mirrors of 17lb and 17lb 12oz.