Longford Fishery in hot summer form

Much work has been undertaken at Longford fishery in the past year including numerous re-stockings and hours of bank work by the fishery’s management, who are keen to put the venue up there with some of the best in the country. Thanks to this the fishing has been boosted and currently nets to 150lb are consistently being caught on a number of the venues waters, most of which have been designed with pole anglers in mind.

Despite being a commercial complex consisting of no less than nine lakes, the Ashbourne venue is as scenic and peaceful as any river bank or natural water you will find. One of the best lakes on the complex right now is Lilly Lake. This lake has seven islands, providing pole anglers with something to target when fishing at around 14-16m. Nets over 50lb are currently the norm on here with carp the predominant species. These average around 5lb and can be caught on a variety of methods fishing in the margins or tight to the islands. Paste is an excellent bait here. Fish it in the margins or at the bottom of the near shelf for instant bites but other common baits work well such as pellets, meat and corn too. When fishing tight to the islands, feed small amounts continuously via a kinder pot or catapult to keep bites coming. There are also plenty of silverfish in this lake which can be caught in one a chuck action using maggots from anywhere in your swim.

The Main Lake is for day-ticket anglers only and holds a good mix of stock at high density making it ideal for beginners or those looking for easy fishing. There are also specimen carp in here to 30lb but most enjoy fishing for the early doubles using a waggler or pole in the margins on paste or corn or off the surface with biscuits or floating pellets. This would be a good lake to catch your PB carp.

Carwood Lake is similar to Lilly except the carp average anything between 5-10lb. Nets to 200lb have been taken on here and there are also barbel to 4lb now being caught in the margins on dead maggots, meat or paste on the pole. The margins tend to hold the bigger carp while its two islands hold smaller fish tight to them. If you want a top weight, this is the lake to head to.

TIP: When fishing in shallow water tight to and island, try using a heavy bristled pole float instead of a small 4 x 10 float or even small dibbers as it will anchor your bait to the bottom and stop it being moved by swirling carp.

Prices: £7 a day £4 for an extra rod, concessions £6 a day
Contact: 07917 824188, www.longfordfishery.com
Location: Longford Fishery, Long Lane, Longford, Derbyshire, DE6 3DF
Facilities: Toilets, café open at weekends
Rules: Barbless only, all fish to be landed, no carp sacks