Long range spot produces 36lb mirror

MARK Baker couldn’t have asked for a better first session on Suffolk Water Park’s Big Lake, landing one of the venue’s most sought after fish in the form of this 36lb 6oz mirror.

The 28-year-old engineer spent an hour walking around the water on his arrival and it soon became apparent the fish were held up at range in the open water.

With temperature hovering just above freezing he didn’t expect the carp to be too active so decided to start off by just fishing singles.

He said: “I fished two rods with Chod rigs and the third with a new rig I designed which is kind of a cross between a 360 rig and a hinged-stiff rig using a Solar Weed Effect hooklink. This was baited with a Frank Warwick Baits Pineapple pop-up. After five hours I received a single bleep and the bobbin was held up tight but no line was being taken. I decided to lift into it and straight away I could feel a heavy weight on the end of the line which was kiting to my left. The fight was a fairly unspectacular and it went in the net on the first attempt.”