Long range forty

MARTIN Pierce initially thought he had hooked a bream until this 42lb 1oz mirror burst into life close in.

The big carp, which woke up halfway through the fight, was part of a four-fish catch that included three upper twenties from a southern stillwater.

30Plus and Individual Baits consultant Martin moved swims after a quiet first night and was rewarded with the 40-pounder early on his second morning at the venue.

He said: “Once again the night passed quietly, but like an alarm clock the right-hand bobbin pulled up and woke me in the morning. I was convinced it was a bream until about 50 yards from the bank when the fish burst into life and tore off.

“The rest of day and night passed with no action, but the following morning at 6.30am the same rod was away again, this time with a 29lb 6oz mirror.”

Yet another fruitless day and night passed before the morning alarm sounded again, this time producing a 27lb mirror. Having recast and rebaited, Martin was quickly rewarded with a 27lb 15oz mirror to cap a memorable session.

Martin’s fish came from an area at 135yds and fell to snowman and pop-up rigs with 18mm Individual Baits Steamies boilies.