Lake record at Four Season Fishery

PETE Hollis took advantage of a free-fishing offer to secure a new lake record on his first visit to the Lodge Lake at Four Seasons Fisheries.

The Royal Marine Commando landed the fish known as the Big Lin from the Blackpool venue last Wednesday at an all-time high of 32lb 3oz.

“I got a fairly slow take at about 8.45am and I knew that all the carp in Lodge are a decent size so I expected it to be a twenty,” said the 23-year-old Manchester-based rod. “But after about five minutes of playing it its head came out of the water and I thought ‘flipping heck, this is a decent fish’.

“I played it for another five minutes before getting it in the net and I was just praying the hook didn’t pull.”

The fish was weighed and witnessed by two bailiffs using two pairs of scales and declared a new record for the three-lake complex.

Pete added: “Four Seasons were doing this offer where if you signed up for their newsletter you’d get a free 24-hour session, so I went down and handed my voucher over and I was going to fish the Mill Lake, which is the easier carp water, but two lads were pulling off Lodge so I had the chance to have it all to myself.

“The two lads said they’d seen fish showing between two islands so I went round to that spot and cast out two rods on single pop ups.

“At about 1am I got up to go to the toilet and heard a fish crashing in the margins to my right so I recast one rod and it that was the one that went off in the morning.”

Pete fished a Mainline Cell boilie on a naked Chod rig tied with a 1.5oz lead, a size-eight hook and ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament.